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Roofing with a

Roofing with a

The Hermetic Roofing Philosophy

In the heart of North Carolina, Tray Tillman, a veteran with a big heart and strong work ethic, founded Hermetic Roofing with a vision that transcended the conventional roofing business model. His military service infused him with values of hard work, dedication, and meticulous attention to detail—qualities that would later define the ethos of Hermetic Roofing.


The name ‘Hermetic’ symbolizes the commitment to delivering airtight, flawless roofing solutions. Tray’s ambition was to blend the discipline of his military background with a profound desire to serve the community, always raising the bar in the roofing industry for craftsmanship and customer care.

The Experts
Behind the Scenes

Hermetic Roofing's Finest

The team at Hermetic Roofing, carefully assembled by Tray, is a testament to the company’s core values. Comprising professionals with decades of experience, the team embodies the company’s motto, “The Detail is in the Difference,” dedicating themselves to excellence in every project.


This commitment extends beyond roofing to ensure every client feels valued and satisfied, emphasizing personalized, stress-free experiences. As Hermetic Roofing grows, its foundation remains rooted in the principles of honesty, integrity, and unparalleled service, striving to not just protect homes but to forge lasting partnerships with homeowners and the community.

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